Some years ago my mother one day handed me over her goldsmiths case and working tools and said:

“Do whatever you want with it.”

Looking at the hundreds of pieces of metal, screws, tools and  gemstones, my curiosity was awakened.

Let’s do some cool jewelry to fit with the clothing style!

Starting off with bracelets, rings and necklaces out of copper and silver, a special encounter brought up that there are only few watches around with this style. So off I was for a new challenge:

Let’s do a copper watch! 

With absolutely no knowledge about watchmaking, I started to figure out how to connect watch movement with watch case and bracelet. The main focus always being not to recreate a traditional watch but to have a well-fitting wearable piece for a man to carry in his pocket or wear around his wrist.

Each watch is hand- and tailormade
in my atelier in Düsseldorf/Germany!

All good things ask for perseverence, discipline, eye for detail, curiosity and risk taking.

I am proud to share these values with you!

Jochen Leopold



Goldsmiths case



First tries



Watchcase in copper



1st pocketwatch



1st wristwatch



Watch with Wings